About Us

Moheeco was founded in 2018 by Craig with the strong urge to help both the environment and people in their day to lives.

Since I traveled in my youth I became more aware of how we directly affect the environment around us. From seeing masses of coral reef turn white and die to watching more and more plastics wash up on our beaches and fill the stomachs of our fish and birds. It became obvious that our day to day habits are destroying our surroundings.

At the same time I’ve always felt the urge to help people through problems big or small, whether it’s doing small favours for people or coming up with solutions to address their pain points, I would always feel better after helping somebody out.

By founding Moheeco I felt I could offer more to those around me. By creating products that reduce disposable waste and help people at the same time I get to fulfil multiple passions.

I hope that by changing day to habits such as using disposable coffee cups means every little bit will help in tackling the pollution that disposables plastics can bring.

In the UK we use 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups per year. By adopting reusable coffee cups we can save tons of plastic waste and also save everyone some money. Most shops will take 10p to 50p off the cost of a cup of coffee if you bring a reusable cup for your coffee, it’s a win win!

Hopefully my efforts can rub off on others and we can turn the tide on disposable plastic pollution.