Coffee shop savings – Which UK cafés offer the best discount if you bring a reusable cup?

With disposable coffee cups causing serious damage to our environment due to their plastic lining we are seeing large companies take action and offer rewards to those who bring their own cups to cafes.

reusable coffee cupsThe below outlets do sell their own cups but ensure you look for a convenient reusable cup that you can carry around that is eco-friendly and recyclable too. Remember if you buy enough coffees it will pay back the cost of your reusable cup!As disposable cups cannot be recycled it makes sense for café’s to offer a discount as it saves on the cost of buying more cups for the café too. It’s a win win, a no brainer.

Here are the best discounts you will receive if you bring your own cup.

Pret a Manger: 50p off

The joint title holder in UK café discounts is Pret a manger, which raised its discount to a whopping 50p off a hot drink. That includes coffees, hot chocolates or a tea. In percentage terms that can add up to nearly 50% off a drink. For example a filter coffee with a reusable cup would come in at just 49p. A very impressive price for a hot drink these days.  

Paul: 50p off

This patisserie has recently upgraded their discount from 25p to 50p! A fantastic move to equal Pret and become the joint title holder of reusable discounts. Those who bring their own cup are well rewarded. They also sell their own branded cups for £3.50 though these are not as eco friendly.

Leon: 45p off

A great discount for any reusable cup brought along to the healthy food outlet. Leon does sell an eco friendly bamboo cup for £10.

Starbucks 30p off

Starbucks are certainly looking to make the change on disposable cup mentality. In future Starbucks will actually charge extra to those who use the paper cups. This ‘latte levy’ trial is actually a good thing. Drink in with one of their own mugs or you can carry your own around too if you have one that fits in your pocket. Similar to Costa they do sell their own cups for £1 but not the most eco friendly type.

Costa: 25p off

Costa offers a discount of 25p with a reusable cup. Not as high as Pret and Starbucks but still higher than the average café discount across the UK. The discount applies to both hot and cold drinks. Though not available everywhere and some Costa electronic stands are unlikely to offer this. They do offer their own reusable cup to encourage the usage of these. If only it was made using a more eco friendly plastic.

M&S café: 25p off

Again another 25p off for bringing your own cup but not for drinking in of course. M&S sell their own cup for £3.

Crussh: 25p off

Bring your own cup to juice and smoothie company Crussh and you will get 25p off your hot or cold drink.

Greggs: 20p off

The popular high street bakery can be found in most towns and is offering 20p off hot drinks for reusable cup holders. It does mean you can get a tea for just 80p. Greggs sell a reusable cup for £2. 

Crosstown Doughnuts: 20p off

20p off when you bring any reusable cup to this premium doughnut store. You can also pick up a loyalty card if you're buying any drinks or doughnuts and get a free drink or doughnut on your eighth visit.

Caffe Nero: Double loyalty stamps

No money off in the Italian coffee chain but they do offer an extra loyalty card stamp for those who collect them. That's not as useful for people who don’t drink there often but more beneficial for those who do.  Caffe Nero also sells their reusable cups online for £10.


Get out there, stop paying full price for your hot drinks and get yourself a discount on your next trip out!

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